At OAKLAND RENT A CAR, we accept all major Credit Cards...

Where may I drive my rental car?
Rental cars may be driven on any public road in antigua, but don't forget that here we drive
on the left side of the road .

Will my credit card cover me for damages?
Check with your credit card company

Can anybody else drive my car rental?
Yes, providing they meet all rental requirements and are listed on your rental agreement form
as an additional driver(s).

Do the car rentals provide child safety seats and when are they required?

Yes, child safety seats are required in Antigua for any child under the age of 4, and are available.

What if my departure flight is prior to the opening of the car rental office?

Make arrangements in advance with the car rental office, and they will accomodate you.

Are there other charges I need to know of?

You must return the car with the same amount of gas as you received it with, otherwise you
will be charged a refueling charge.
There is a cancellation fee.